Greenroof Corporation is a real estate corporation established in 2011 and is engaged in the acquisition,
development and management of real estate properties.

We are steadily making ourselves known in the business not just as a developer but as a contractor and project management group. With trust gained from its clients and partners, Greenroof has started its mission to build affordable and quality homes and create green communities .

Property Highlights

The Genesis of Serene Royale Residences:

Serene – stems from the Latin word Serenus; commonly used to depict a calm, peaceful, untroubled, and tranquil state. Also, used in some European royal families as a term of respect.

Royal – normally used to describe quality suitable for kings or queens; depicts something as superb, excellent, first class.


The site is conveniently located at the town center, making it easy for residents to reach main roads and various points of interests.


Easily accessible via McArthur Highway or TPLEX when you exit via Concepcion, Tarlac.

Our Partners

Our valued partners that we work with:

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