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As a practice, if you opted to withdraw or back out for whatever reason, reservation fee is non- refundable. Reservation fee is deductible from the Total Contract Price. Reservation fee is valid for 30 days.

Ideally, you can move-in to your new house 15 days after the loan take out from Pag-IBIG.

This would depend on the amount of loan approved, the rate of interest, and the terms of payment you have chosen. Normally , the monthly amortization for a P774,000 loan amount under a 30-year loan term is P5,960.74 if you are working as OFW or P5,760.74 if you are locally employed.

If you are abroad, you may appoint somebody, a friend or relative to reserve your choice of house and lot unit. A notarized special power of attorney duly authenticated by the nearest consul in your area is required. Since it normally takes one month for the authentication, you may fax or email the notarized copy for us to process your reservation. The original authenticated copy can follow later. You can also choose to pay thru “bank to bank” transaction. As soon as your deposit is made, your payment will be verified and an official receipt will be issued immediately.

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